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Security Awareness

Questions Worth Asking

Ten Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Security Guard Company.

If you are considering hiring a security guard company, then you should make sure that you are confident in the work that they are doing. Here are a few questions that you...

Assets Protection

Protecting Staff And Equipment At Your Technology And Data Center.

When it comes to protecting your data and technology center, the objective should be keeping unauthorized personnel from gaining access to sensitive areas. If someone s...

Warehouse Guards

Industrial Security for Warehouse Owners.

Industrial security has become an extremely important concern. Threats to your business comes from a variety of sources, including from the own employees and individuals that have accessibility...

On Site Security

CLEET Certified Security Guard Personnel Services.

Call on Harmon Security Group LLC. for all of your on site security needs. We are the preferred and trusted provider for on site security services in the Midwest.

Harmon Security...

Hybrid Security

Choosing Between Remote Video Surveillance and also on Site Security Guard Service.

There was a time as soon as the only option for keeping a spot secure ended up being to hire the expertise of on location security officer service. On...

Active Shooter Training

Client Consultation & Training.

Harmon Risk Consultation helps clients evaluate and understand the risks they and their organizations may face, while acting to mitigate these risks wherever possible, and providing the tools to fully pr...

Executive Security

Our Executive Protection Services.

We offer a range of executive protection services, including video monitoring and general VIP surveillance to protect high profile people and executives.

Our protection agents are highly-train...

Hiring Tips

Tips for Hiring a Good Security Guard.

If you run a small business and you have customers visiting regularly, or you have a site that is fairly large and that has a lot of equipment on it, then you may want to have a security guard tak...

Commercial Property

The Benefits of Using a Security Guard at Your Business.

If you run a small business and you have customers visiting regularly, or you have a site that is fairly large and that has a lot of equipment on it, then you may want to have a...

Video Surveillance

Top Video Surveillance Services.

With demonstrated experience, professionalism, and high-end equipment, Our team offers a wide array of security options based on client needs.

The services include:

1) State-of-the-art...

Personal Protection

Why You Need Guards And Video Surveillance.

If you have anyone you need to protect like a musician or a group of any kind, you need to hire the right security guards. You also want to make sure you use video surveillance in case anythi...

Copper Theft Prevention

Insightful Copper Theft Prevention Measures.

Unfortunately, copper theft is now all too common occurrence, and lots of companies have suffered extensive damages for this reason unsavory phenomenon. Copper theft continues to be triggere...

Manufacturing Facilities

Secure Major Chemical and Manufacturing Plants with Expert Security Personnel.

Chemical and manufacturing plants require exceptionally trained security personnel as well as electronic surveillance systems for keeping them safe and prot...

High Rise Security

How To Boost The Security Level Of Your High Rise.

If you are the owner of a high rise office building or dwelling, you know how important it is for everyone to be safe. Not only do you have to worry about the security of the people who...

Construction Sites

Common Challenges in Construction Site Security.

Construction sites are areas which can be common targets for thieves. There is lots of equipment left at construction sites, and in some cases the building materials could be a target fo...

Quality Screening

Tips for Working With Quality Security Companies.

If you are looking to recruit a security guard company, then you will likely have several concerns about who they are and how they operate. Depending on where you are based, the way tha...





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