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Our Executive Protection Services.

We offer a range of executive protection services, including video monitoring and general VIP surveillance to protect high profile people and executives.

Our protection agents are highly-trained, and understand that even going about day to day tasks in supposedly safe locations is not completely risk-free. There are numerous hazards that people face. Our agents are far more than simply “armed chauffeurs”, and they understand the importance of assessing locations and protection people from not just the threat of violence, confrontation or extortion, but also from things like theft, stalking, and corporate espionage.

We offer video monitoring and surveillance, and can work both as visible bodyguards and as undercover agents that will offer long-term, ongoing protection and collect evidence that will hold up in court if necessary.

A Wide Network of Contacts and Experts

We have a large network of operatives and contacts, and we can offer expertise in most areas. If your case requires some form of specialization that we lack, then we are happy to work with experts in those fields and to act as consultants to manage the overall investigation with input from those experts.

Discrete, Remote Monitoring

Sometimes all you require is peace of mind and the knowledge that your home or workplace is safe. We use secure cameras and have a remote monitoring team that watches from a Command Center, and that will watch the cameras carefully and pan and zoom on anomalies, and call for real-time intervention if it is required.

Our video monitoring services offer the ‘human element’that adds extra security compared to standard intruder alarms that may be ignored by neighbors or triggered accidentally. The footage that we collect could prove invaluable in the event of an incident, and we work with law enforcement and with private agencies, to ensure that anyone causing a disturbance is caught and questioned.





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