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Protecting Staff And Equipment At Your Technology And Data Center.

When it comes to protecting your data and technology center, the objective should be keeping unauthorized personnel from gaining access to sensitive areas. If someone should make their way inside, it’s important to identify them as soon as possible and have them quarantined in a section of the building to prevent further intrusion. Security for this type of setting should always be in layers so you have the ability to protect your data, equipment, and your staff members.

Modern data centers are endeavoring to make certain the security layering process includes physical security. When it comes to physical security for your existing or new data center, it is best to perform a risk assessment of your equipment and data to see what the potential for breach may be. The assessment will serve as a guideline for how far you may need to go with physical security. As with any data center, there are basic principles to follow:

Limited Entry Points – All access to the building should be controlled. When you have a singular point of entry for contacts, deliveries, and visitors, you are able to easily funnel then from one location to the next where they can easily be identified. Any access to a loading bay should have control by reception security.

Camera Systems – Having CCTV cameras strategically placed throughout will help to cover all areas for identification purposes. The footage should be stored digitally and then archived so there is always a copy should there be a breach that needs to be investigated.

Door Control – There should be granular control using security at all access points so visitors can be properly vetted. Working with the right security team will help you to ensure that no one is able to gain access without the proper credentials.

No matter the size of your data center, you will find that the best security layering and manpower will help you to have the ultimate setup. Protecting your employees, data, and equipment is crucial and only the best security team and processes will do.

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