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Video Surveillance


Top Video Surveillance Services.

With demonstrated experience, professionalism, and high-end equipment, Our team offers a wide array of security options based on client needs.

The services include:

1) State-of-the-art Equipment
2) Real-Time Security Solutions
3) Robust ID Options
4) Full Access Control
5) UL-Listed

Clients are offered a comprehensive security solution that’s modern, efficient, and tested in various situations. Our solutions are established on the shoulders of rigorous security protocols and are guaranteed to offer a seamless layer of protection. We also include in-depth video analytics to monitor the property and understand footage once it has been obtained.

This includes the maintenance of footage and ensures real-time security solutions are on offer if necessary. Clients will know the value is in the details and our team goes the extra mile to deliver exemplary results.

System Monitoring

Along with the robust security protocols, we are meticulous when it comes to systematic monitoring and ensuring the results are on par with all underlying requirements. This includes testing the system’s response rate, durability, and ability to manage various situations. Harmon Security specialists are present in the command center paying attention to these details and are highly responsive when needed.

In-Depth Records

Worried about losing the footage or not having access to timestamped graphics?

Harmon Security is on top of everything and has immediate storage solutions for all obtained footage. This footage is fully protected and kept under control from the moment it’s recorded on camera. Our team is vigorous when it pertains to managing these files and making sure they are timestamped accurately. If necessary, these items can be managed by the system and will be kept on record for as long as possible.

Start with Harmon Security and see how well planned video surveillance has never been easier than it is now. Call us today and receive a fully customized assessment of what’s needed.





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