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Tips for Working With Quality Security Companies.

If you are looking to recruit a security guard company, then you will likely have several concerns about who they are and how they operate. Depending on where you are based, the way that security companies operate could vary from being quite organised and reputable, to simply providing people with an official looking uniform and letting them loose on the general public.

One good starting point for recruiting a reputable company is to make sure that the company has a current, valid state license, and that they are properly insured and do background checks on all of their employees. It is not uncommon for people who are drawn to the security industry to be those who have issues with authority and want to exert their own authority over others. A good company will be able to identify those characters and will use a combination of interviews and references along with training and careful monitoring to ensure that they don’t offer people like that jobs, and that they stamp out bad behavior before it happens.

A good insurance company will have extensive insurance to cover the work that they do –this should include insurance in the form of general liability cover up to a total of $3 million –with $1 million per incident, and cover for their workers, as well as for vehicles. It is a good idea to include cover for sexual harrassment claims, for specialist equipment, and for anything else that could feasibly go wrong or be claimed for.

You can request loss runs from contractors to see if they have had any claims made against them, and you can also check to find out whether the company was ever involved in a lawsuit relating to employees and their actions while on a client’s property. If such a thing has happened in the last few years, then it is a good idea to ask for details and to find out what measures they are taking to make sure that it never happens again.

A good company will be happy to discuss such incidents, and to work with their clients to ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable. They will offer information about the safety of their employees, and the training that the employees are given. If there is little transparency, then this is not a company that you should be working with.





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