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Copper Theft Prevention


Insightful Copper Theft Prevention Measures.

Unfortunately, copper theft is now all too common occurrence, and lots of companies have suffered extensive damages for this reason unsavory phenomenon. Copper theft continues to be triggered significantly from the increased importance of scrap copper. Having a wide selection of building material containing copper, thieves have come up with some ingenuity techniques to strike gold with copper theft on any poorly unguarded building.

A number of the building materials that contain copper and they are prone to being stolen include aspects of heating and air cooling units, electrical components, gutters, and plumbing components. It really is worth noting that, generally, the damages caused while acquiring the copper vastly exceed the significance for your copper, but this will not concern neither deter thieves from accomplishing their mission. Due to the increased cases of copper theft, we have seen an expanding concern regarding how wise to prevent copper theft. Fortunately, this article offers you some insightful measure for copper theft prevention. These measures include

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras can help kill two birds with the same stone. Besides deterring potential thieves, surveillance cameras may also play a focal role in assisting police capture the copper thieves. You ought to ensure that the security camera are strategically placed and nothing is blocking them to be able to improve surveillance on the area. This will likely consequently result in the return in the stolen goods and also the jailing from the thieves, which, in the long term, prevents future thefts.

Installation of Alarm System

Installing an alarm system as being a copper theft prevention measure is a superb strategy for deterring potential thieves and catching the daring ones. There are several form of alarm system and choosing the apposite one would greatly assist in preventing copper theft. The type of alarm system you decide on may be dependent on the type of object you would like to protect. For instance, a great alarm system for cooling and heating units is the one which is triggered when the unit stops working. Upon having installed an alarm system, it will always be advisable which you test the alarm regularly to make certain that it is operation optimally.

Painting the Copper Black

This really is a shrewd yet inexpensive copper theft prevention measure. All you want do is paint each of the copper components black. Painting the copper components black camouflages them such that they appear as should they be regular and worthless plastic tubing. No sane thief would spend time trying to steal





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